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The Journey of Starting Something New: How to Maintain Momentum and Discipline

Apr 12, 2023

Welcome to The Becoming Better Together in Mindset and Business with Brie Willits.

Have you ever started something new for yourself, only to find it starts off exciting and full of momentum, but then quickly becomes hard and requires discipline to maintain? In this episode, we explore the journey of starting something new, from the initial excitement to the challenges we face along the way. We discuss the common tendency to change our minds when things get hard, as well as strategies for maintaining momentum and discipline even when faced with obstacles. Whether you're just starting out on your entrepreneurial journey, or looking to push past a current obstacle, this episode will offer valuable insights and actionable tips to keep you on track. Tune in now to learn how to break the cycle of starting and stopping, and achieve your goals with clarity and focus.

In this episode, we will cover:

  • The Journey and The Cycle of Transformation (0:42)
  • Stage 1: Confusion (9:00) 
  • Stage 2: Awakening (11:42) 
  • Stage 3: Momentum (14:00)
  • Stage 4: Peak (15:52)
  • Ending the Cycle and Starting a New One (17:50)
  • Asking the Right Questions (24:24)