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How to Move Forward in Life with Rose, Bud, Thorn Technique

Apr 10, 2023

Welcome to The Becoming Better Together in Mindset and Business with Brie Willits.

From time to time we need something that helps us congratulate our achievements and grow. This is a journaling activity that will assist you to understand your current situation on a positive note.

The rose is your current good thing, the bud is the thing you are nourishing to grow and the thorn is what you want to eliminate.

Join Brie as she explains why this technique is great and learn how to use it in your life! Don't forget to share with us on social media or review your experience completing this prompt.

In this episode, we will cover:

  • A useful tool for when you feel stuck (0:37)
  • The Rose: Prompt #1 (3:51)
  • The Bud: Prompt #2 (6:13)
  • The Thorn: Prompt #3 and Action Step (8:57)