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Why Your Mindset Matters: How to Create a Positive Mindset for Success with Gao Peraino

Nov 14, 2022

Welcome to The Becoming Better Together in Mindset and Business with Brie Willits.

Today, we are joined by a very special guest and one of my good friends, Gao Peraino. She is a Life and Mindset coach, she loves helping and impacting lives. In this episode, we talk about how a positive mindset can lead to success in life.

Let's dive in.

In this episode, I will cover:

  • About Gao and how we met (0:23)
  • Entering the world of coaching (4:33)
  • Our mindset: Then vs Now (12:08)
  • What mindset means and how it applies to communication (20:03)
  • Chapter of Spirituality (28:07) 
  • Handling triggering people and the importance of self-awareness (38:39)
  • A piece of advice for your own self-awakening journey (49:24)