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Conquering Procrastination: Setting Goals and Overcoming Avoidance - The Morning Challenge

Apr 11, 2023

Welcome to The Becoming Better Together in Mindset and Business with Brie Willits.

In this episode, we're diving deep into the topic of procrastination and how to overcome it. We'll be discussing the importance of setting goals and prioritizing tasks, as well as the benefits of taking on the most avoidant activity first thing in the morning. Our reference for this discussion will be the popular book "Eat That Frog" by Brian Tracy, which offers helpful tips and strategies for overcoming procrastination and increasing productivity. I'll share some of my own personal experiences with procrastination and offer practical advice for getting things done. By the end of this episode, you'll be equipped with the tools you need to tackle your to-do list and stop putting things off. Join Brie for this inspiring and motivational episode and learn how to eat that frog!

In this episode, we will cover:

  • A New Challenge: Beat Procrastination and “Eat That Frog” (0:08)
  • 5 Key Concepts (4:49)
  • The Importance of Goal-Setting (7:45)
  • Establishing Priorities: Pareto Principle (9:42)
  • Self-Exploration: Creative Procrastination and Posteriorities (14:51)
  • Finding the Resistance (18:35)
  • Taking Control of Your Own Time (23:20)